How To Deal With The Main Problems Of Homework In Schools

There are a handful of controversial topics in schools today. Two of the most controversial include standardized testing and assigning homework. The issues with standardized testing rest in the hands of politicians that make decisions about the educational system in their respective states, but homework does not. It is an issue that can be handled at school and even in individual classrooms. Here are some tips to help you manage these assignments:

  1. Talk to the teacher. If you know you are going to have issues getting assignments done on certain days of the week, then you should let your teacher know. He or she might be able to give you an extension or give you the work early so you can get it done. Teachers are reasonable people and they want to do what is best for students.

  2. Create a group. Committees often get bad names, especially in the world of education. However, if you and a group of people are interested in changing the culture of the school, the best way to do it is with a group of hardworking people. Once you have established a group, you should figure out a positive way to manage the issue. Educators are often attacked in the media, so they can be on edge when a group wants to talk to them. If your group handles the matter in a positive tone, with kind words, and helpful ideas, teachers will be able to listen and might even join your group.

  3. Talk to administrators. Whether you form a group or you work on your own, you should schedule an appointment to meet with your school’s administrators. These are the people who make decisions about the school and its policies. The administrators are not often in the classrooms, so it can be helpful to give some background and why you want to do something to manage the problems with out-of-school assignments.

  4. Commit to learning in the classroom. If you are working to remove homework from schools, it is a good idea to get students to commit to getting their work done in class. All too often, homework is assigned because students cannot complete work in class. If students are able to change the culture and commitment to excellence in the classroom, teachers will be able to reduce the amount of work that needs to be completed at home.

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