What Do You Need To Know About The History Of Homework?

Homework, love or hate, has been so ingrained in our collective conscience that it has entered the general lexicon almost naturally. It has had a ridged history, packed with crests and troughs; and faces abolition yet again.

Education took a backseat

100 years ago, people were ingenious and agricultural; there was less emphasis on education and most families mooted to give their kids basic education. The number of kids who outgrew that precept was too low to consider.

Impact of Cold War

The Cold War changed all that. 10 year after the 2nd World War, USA was involved in an armless imbroglio with USSR. While the latter took on North Vietnam, the former captured the South. While USSR sent the first man on space (Yuri Gagarin), USA sent Neil Armstrong to the Moon.

Education became important

There, in the tug of war between the two superpowers, education became a focal point as a torchbearer of coming generations. Homework was viewed as a magic wand that kept students on their toes and up with their studies. Also, the creation of UNO meant there was not going to another World War soon enough.

Following the footsteps

Since these two countries with different ideologies were extremely influential, developing and under-developed countries naturally endeavored to follow suit. Homework thus became a global phenomenon. Its intensity increased manifold and students felt the crack of the whalebone rather harshly.

Busy days

From Middle School onwards, kids began to get around 2 hours of homework every day. This left them shaken and strained; after a busy day in the school. Interestingly, it has now been analyzed that extra assignments hardly increase the scope and capacity of students.

The doubted logic

Once again, as we cut to the present time, doubts are being raised on the pertinence of homework. Even if they are not abolished, they will be considerably reduced in quantity so kids can enjoy their leisure time and also devote their study time on subjects they need to improve on.

Division of understanding

Experts are divided on the highs and lows of homework; and most parents admit that assignments do keep kids disciplined. The onus may now be placed on parents to strategize the home hours of kids so that they develop holistically in their growing years.

It looks like the wheel is going to turn a full circle. Interestingly, Russia formerly USSR, has ceased to be a superpower and USA can again trace its old ways.

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