What Are The Pros And Cons Of Homework In Elementary Schools?

From the extensive research carried out on homework, it has clearly been revealed that students can benefit and at the same time, be negatively affected. This article touches on both the pros and the cons with regards to homework.

Pros of homework entail the following:

  • - Proper time utilization
  • There is usually not enough time to cover every topic in class and do exceptional assignments. Teachers would want to utilize every little time available in class, leaving students with almost no time to revisit the topics or cover those that have not been covered. Therefore, they can utilize their prep time to comprehend these concepts.

  • - Enhances proper apprehension of classwork
  • Difficult topics learned in class can better be comprehended by regularly revisiting them at home during one’s free time. This is mostly achieved through repletion, memorizing and reading English Literature books.

  • - Learning new vocabulary
  • Competent class work requires acquisition of information about new words and how one can apply them in a sentence structure. Children in elementary schools memorize new words, inquire their meaning and eventually incorporate them in paragraphs.

  • - Time management skills
  • Through creating their own working schedules and adhering to them without strict supervision, children acquire skills on proper utilization of their free time.

  • - Student analysis
  • Through looking at their homework grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, teachers and parents can easily evaluate their children. The results obtained are essential for motivating them to work extra hard.

The cons of homework at these educational level include the following:

  • - It is mind-numbing
  • Teachers load their students with assignments to accomplish within a very short period of time. In the process, students easily get bored by doing the same task for multiple times.

  • - Stress
  • Students at elementary level have not developed adequate energy to study for long periods of time. In fact, they require sufficient sleep. Therefore, giving the class tasks to do them at their prep time may lower their motivation and give them a negative attitude towards school.

  • - Poor supervision
  • Since children are left to handle their work independently, parents engage with them only for a few minutes while teachers do not do it at all since they are at home. This may be a source of encouragement for laziness.

  • - Disruption from other important activities
  • Children are engaged in doing extra reading and writing and sometimes are totally denied time for free play. This can be damaging to their health as exercise improves general body performance.

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