Homework Policy In Primary Schools: 5 Main Aspects

There are specific policies made for the homework given to children with the schools combining efforts with the education authorities and also the parents. In this policy the schools are asked by the government to devise a full plan of what they are aiming from the homework given to the children and how much work would be given to the children of a certain age. It is also thought that how this work would help the student in his/her studies and also the role of teachers and the parents is decided. Here are the main five aspects of the policy.

Role of the Parents:

First of all the role of parents is decided. Parents have a responsibility towards the studies of a child and they need to fulfill this responsibility. So if a child is not doing his or her homework, the school can contact the parents so that they could find the appropriate reason behind it and they could find a solution for this problem by working with the teachers for the betterment of their child.

Amount of work:

The amount of work given to a child of a certain age must be defined in the homework policy. It is different for students from different age groups as in younger age, the studies need not to be much stressful. But as they grow up they have to learn different things, so they need to be given more work.

Time division:

Proper time division is provided in the homework policy, according to the age of the students. There must be a proper time for reading and writing and practical work .The children learn a lot while doing work, so it is extremely necessary for every student.

How can a teacher help?

It is also taken into account that how can a teacher help the students in their homework. It’s like making the students more interested in their work. The teacher can use different tools and methods which are also defined in the policy to attract children towards the work.


One of the most important aspects of this policy is finding out what to really expect from the students after this exercise all these years. The aims or the results the policy makers want to achieve through this exercise are written down in points and then if these are not being achieved, the policy is altered.

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