How Does Homework Affect Elementary School Students?

Assignments are certainly hot topics in all levels of education. These refer to school-related tasks which are assigned for students to complete using their own time after school hours. In truth, assigning homework comes with advantages and disadvantages. It is very crucial for teachers to reflect on the purpose why the assigned task was given.

Due to the fact that elementary school students are so young, many of them find working on assignments after school hours as tedious and something that makes them hate going to school. It is not a joke to study for long hours at day time and then do additional tasks when you reach home. Of course, kids would like to rest, play and spend some quality time with the family. But, if they have to finish their assignments, all these may seem impossible for them to enjoy.

In actuality, assignments come with aplenty of benefits. Some of these include the fact that it can aid integrate and clarify what was discussed during school hours, it teaches research skill, time management as well as self-discipline.

In the same way, it promotes rote learning; it enables students to obtain mastery of the skills or content to be mastered, it reduces the time spent for playing video games, watching TV and this also help promote good study habits. Parents also have the chance to see what their kids do at school.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of assignments comprise of the reality that they could be too stressful and burdensome at certain times, many a time, family members or tutors do the work for the child so they do not learn much since someone else does it for them, it can prevent the child from doing some household tasks and can also reduce the time spent with the family.

In addition to these, assigned tasks once not corrected immediately may result to students getting frustrated and losing interest in going to school. Children will more likely to sleep very late to finish assignments which can make them too exhausted. They may also skip participating in other worthwhile activities like pursuing their talents or hobbies and playing sports.

Educators must carefully reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of assignments so they should not overburden their students with school-related tasks. Assignments should be age-appropriate and must always come with assignment schedules or timetables so students wouldn’t be too burdened on accomplishing them. Assignments for elementary students should be light so they wouldn’t be discouraged to go to school at an early age.

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