Dealing With Second Grade Homework Easily: 5 Useful Strategies

“It’s tough even for mom, ah! We need more perfection and more consistency”

This is what I once found written on the Mathematics homework, it bothered me so much that I was compelled to search on second grade home assignments. Below are my findings, I hope these will be helpful for you as well, if you are a teacher, student or a parent of a second grader.

Concentrating on learning skills

“I like teachers, who focus on home rather than giving plenty of home assignments” Professor Mark Rington,

Kids should be assigned the kind of work they like or are interested in. To know their interest you would have to be more involved in their activities.

Your main concern should be their tight routine or schedule. Plan a strict routine and be stick to it. Do not offer any kind of leniency in following the schedule. Set a study time, play time, bath time and a sleep time.

Improving reading skills

Another research by Christina James (Researcher at kindergarten department California)

“Second grade students should read 120 minutes a week at least”

Apart from text books, it could be a story reading time at bedtime stories or reading a newspaper or a diary.

Use of dictionary

Yes, it’s fun. Kids love to look for new vocabulary words from dictionaries. They are eager to know the meaning of unfamiliar words and to use them in their daily routine. You must appreciate them and give those two words a day to look for meaning and to use them.

Drawing is fun

Another interesting way of introducing new words could be; ask them for drawing relevant pictures for new vocabulary terms. For example; invention, tools and powerful.

Making it easier

Math is boring for majority of the students. You could make it fun by adding different colors. Kids always want something new. You only have a few concepts at this stage but you could introduce to them in a way that is new and not boring.


For example, kids at this age are supposed to be able of telling time by looking at an analogue or a digital clock. What you could do to make it fun is,

Draw a beautiful digital clock and leave the space for time. Tell them to write the correct time In case of analogue, draw a cute and catchy analogue clock without hands and ask kids to draw their hands.

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