Too Much Homework Is A Bad Thing: An Expert's Opinion

There is a debate that has reached many an educated group of professionals. The situation with this scenario is what makes these people professionals in this area. Is too much homework a bad thing? This article will show the reasons for and against this subject. Since we are dealing with theory for the most part, the reader should come away with the answer. The main question is what is best for the student? Here are some reasons given about the matter of after school work.

  1. 1) The students’ feel for the most part that they are giving too much after school assignments. They feel that they are burning themselves out. Falling behind means failing the course. What should the student’s do to retain the lessons learned that day?
  2. 2) Teachers do not know what amount of work each is giving to a student. Add up each course and the lessons that must be studied after school and the load becomes very heavy.
  3. 3) There should be a school policy that pertains to each and every teacher. Everyone should be on the same page when it comes to this issue.
  4. 4) The school day is too short when you think about how important education is to the student’s future. They should lengthen the day to give students time to study enough so there is no need for after school work.
  5. 5) The word “work “as part of the name is considered too harsh. The idea is to come up with a different way to name the chore of study. Words or a phrase like, educational growth opportunities. The same type of idea with changing police force with police service. The idea of taking the negativity out of the descriptions.
  6. 6) Parents should take the time to spend positive time after school with their children. Teaching them by example what is important in the world. They should enlighten them on the things that need to be learned.
  7. 7) There should be a certain amount of homework given to students depending on the grade level. It should be measured in minutes, not by the amount of work. The student can get used to doing the work. Knowing what is expected of you ahead of time will lessen the blow.

On the question of amount of work given for after school work; 30% voted yes and 70% voted no. Parents that put the time and effort in teaching their kids the importance of education will be the deciding factor on how involved the student becomes in school. If you decide that it is necessary, you can get professional help from this website and homework can become much more manageable.

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